Job Title:

Assistant to Lead Instructor

Joined Eaton Vale:


About Me

Bonnie is the second half of the troublesome two, and can often be found playing with her partner in crime, Poppy. Bonnie is the youngest of the team here at Eaton Vale, and due to this she often requires a lot of naps. Bonnie is a hard worker and is making for a promising future instructor. She is on a strict training regime and is performing at Distinction level in Recall and Sit Before Food. One day Bonnie hopes to take over from her owner Leo and become a Lead Instructor.

In her free time, Bonnie can often be found using up all of Leo’s leftover energy. Bonnie is very excitable, and especially loves when Geoff plays with her as he loves to wind Leo up as much as Bonnie does.


    • Distinction in Recall
    • Certificate in Puppy Toilet Training
    • NVQ Level 2 in Food Clean-up from the Floor
    • Working towards a BTEC Level 1 in Puppy Behaviour in the Outdoor Industry