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Daiva is Eaton Vale’s Housekeeper, and quite possibly the best in the business. Daiva keeps the whole centre looking immaculate, and thanks to her Eaton Vale is constantly praised for it’s cleanliness. Our accommodation is constantly spick and span, and the surfaces are clean enough to eat off of.Daiva was born in Lithuania, and lived there until 2008. She moved to Norfolk from Lithuania, and frequently travels home to visit her 2 daughters and granddaughter. In her spare time, Daiva loves to read, watch films, theatre, and all kinds of dancing. She would love to learn to dance herself, and is hoping to pursue this is the near future. Daiva is responsible for the rest of the staff’s poor diets, as her baking is second to none. A box of Daiva’s homemade treats never lasts longer than a day or two.


Whilst in Lithuania, Daiva trained to be a fully qualified Seamstress. She is extremely talented in this craft.