Wombie; Wom-Woms; Misery

Job Title:

Pest Control

Joined Eaton Vale:


About Me

Womble is the resident cat at Eaton Vale. Often found patrolling the staff crew-hut and surrounding area, Womble is a keen mole hunter. Her commitment to her work has seen Womble sitting over a mole-hill waiting for an appearance for hours on end. For a lucky few, she occasionally makes a guest appearance during an activity. Her favourite activity to watch is Abseiling. With 13 acres to prowl around, Womble has become a seasoned adventurer. Her survival skills could rival those of Bear Grylls. Though she is more than capable of capturing her own food, she much prefers when her owner Geoff buys her her favourite flavour pouches from the shop.Though only young, Womble has become an established member of staff and has many admirers. She has lived at Eaton Vale all her life, and enjoys her vacations to Geoff’s house. Keep your eyes peeled for a special appearance from Womble herself on your next trip to Eaton Vale.


  • Level 1 in Animal Grooming
  • BTEC Level 2 in Cat Naps
  • NVQ Level 4 in Pest Control
  • NVQ Level 3 in Managing the Health and Safety of the sofa