Come and enjoy camping in the heart of Norfolk! With close links to Norwich, Eaton Vale is the perfect location amongst beautiful countryside.We have 8 campsites spread across our 13 acres here at the Centre and can accommodate up to 250 people. 4 sites have permanent sheds equipped with a fridge and a freezer, including other electric points for use for a small charge. There is a big playing field in the centre of these campsites, perfect for games in the sun.There are full shower facilities available for those staying in the Tented Village, including disabled showers and toilets.

2019 Prices

Scout and Guide Groups General Group Education Group Birthday Parties
Self-Catered £3 (pp) £5 (pp) £5 +VAT (pp) N/A
Catered Please click to view individual Price Guides in the Downloads section.

Useful Information:

  • Bedding is not included
  • There is a free car park on site and can support coaches arriving and departing
  • Cars aren’t allowed to be kept on the campsite, however we do allow you to drive on to unload your vehicle
  • Inky’s shop is located behind the Iceni House and offers a wide selection of drinks, snacks and gifts to remember your time here
  • Altar fires are available for use free of charge
  • Camp fire circle can be booked on the day

Campsite Dimensions:All dimensions are only approximate.

  • Site 1: 20 metres x 27 metres
  • Site 2: 65.5 metres x 30.5 metres
  • Site 3: 30 metres x 27.5 metres
  • Site 4: 34.5 metres x 31.5 metres
  • Site 5: 47.5 metres x 66 metres
  • Site 6: 22.5 metres x 31.5 metres
  • Site 7: 41 metres x 48.5 metres
  • Site 8: 26.5 metres x 43.5 metres
  • Site 9: 40 metres x 37 metres