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Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre’, ‘us’ ‘we’ ‘our’ – means Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre, registered charity 1073816.
‘You’ – means customer, visiting group, visiting group leader, school, college, company or business buying service and products.


For all bookings the contract is between you, the customer, and us, Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre
A contract only exits when we have received the required deposit (if applicable), completed booking form and have acknowledged receipt of your completed form by issuing you with our booking confirmation.

Bookings Procedures

Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre will generate documentation, namely a ‘Booking Form’ following contact with the customer via our website, e-mail or other means.
Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre will hold a booking provisionally for 14 days (2 weeks).
On receipt of the completed ‘Booking Form’ including deposit payment Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre will issue the customer with a Booking Confirmation. The Booking Confirmation shall be deemed to be an offer made by us to the customer to enter into a contract.
After 14 days, if we have not received your booking form and deposit payment the booking will be removed. Any bookings made within 28 days of arrival will need to be paid in full.
The customer acknowledges that once the Booking Form has been signed and the Booking Confirmation has been received a binding contract will come into force.
Should you make a booking with us on behalf of a third party you will be held jointly and severally responsible to us for the total cost of the services and/or products booked.

Payment schedule

Your deposit amount will be based upon our prices in place at the time of booking. Your final payment will be based on prices for the year the booking is taken place. We reserve the right to amend our price bands.
The cost of your booking may change if you make changes to the goods or services you require.
Non-refundable initial deposit – payable 2 weeks (14 days) after enquiry (or at the same time as payment of the balance of the booking cost where the booking is less than 4 weeks i.e. 28 days prior to visit arrival date)
All deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another booking. Deposits are not accepted for courses, birthday parties and holiday clubs. Only full payment is accepted.
Final Balance – no later than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to visit arrival date (or immediately upon the signed booking confirmation where a booking is less than 4 weeks i.e. 28 days prior to the arrival date).

Numbers charged will be based on the numbers stated on the booking form.
If cancellation is of an entire booking the following will be charged.
• 0-28 days (4 weeks) of the arrival date – full fee charged
• 29-56 days (8 weeks) of the arrival date – 50% of the full fee charged
• 57-84 days (12 weeks) of the arrival date – 25% of the full fee charged
In the event of a cancellation by a member of your group more than 8 weeks before the visit date, the deposit payment may be transferred to a substitute member if able. We regret that refunds cannot be offered in the event of cancellations or no shows. Any payment terms for changes to group numbers will be charged as per the payment schedule outlined above.

Payment recovery

When payment is not received by the agreed payment date, we reserve the right to not provide the goods or services requested.
Where payments are outstanding for 14 days past the agreed payment date, the Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre Ltd debt recovery procedure will be followed.

Alterations by us

Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre will do its upmost to provide all arrangements that have been confirmed, but reserve the right to alter or cancel any activities, accommodation or any other arrangements if operational, weather or other conditions dictate. If Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre needs to make amendments, we shall use reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as is reasonably practicable. We will discuss alternative activities with the visit leader as early as possible to ensure the visiting group is able to experience a safe and worthwhile alternative.

Statement of Assumed Risk

Participation in adventurous activities entails some risk of injury. Both participants and persons with parental responsibility must accept an element of risk and an understanding that accidents and injuries can happen. To minimise these risks our equipment is inspected regularly and to the appropriate high standards. All staff employed by Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre are trained and appropriately qualified to run our activity sessions in line with our standard operating procedures and within national governing body guidelines where applicable. Complying with these guidelines will limit the risk of injury. Participants under the age of 18 years must have permission from their parent or guardian before being able to take part in any activity/course offered at Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre, this obtaining of permission is the responsibility of the group/visit leader. The parent/guardian needs to be made aware of and accept the risks involved in adventurous activities and satisfy themselves accordingly.

Customer’s Obligations

The visiting group leader accepts responsibility for the general conduct of all group members throughout the stay and shall ensure that:

  • All visiting adults accompanying the group remain ‘in loco parentis’ at all times and assume responsibility for all young people Take all reasonable steps to minimise disturbance to other guests;
  • Prevent damage to the property, fixtures and fittings and equipment and resources;
  • Take care of personal possessions;
  • Follow all health and safety advice provided by Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre

Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre has a no-smoking policy across all areas of the site and accommodation areas. If visiting staff wish to smoke including electronic cigarettes they must use the designated area identified by our staff.
Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre has a no alcohol policy across all areas of the site. Private parties wishing to consume alcohol will only be allowed on site if they have booked Eaton Vale exclusively. An exclusive use fee is charged per day.


Unnecessary noise or any behaviour likely to cause distress to other guests or staff is not permitted in any part of Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre. Please ensure all conduct themselves appropriately, always respecting Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre property, its employees, guests and their health and safety. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation or services, to remove you and members of your party from the Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre if this condition has been breached. Where this is the case you shall have waived any rights to a refund.

First Aid

It is the responsibility of the visiting group staff to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all their young people for whom they have a duty of care, including the provision of first aid. Schools and/or groups should contact their own emergency point of contact in the case of any emergency.
Parking and Personal Property
Vehicles are parked at your own risk. Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre takes no responsibility for damage caused to any vehicle using any car park and no guarantee is given as to the security of guest vehicles in the car park or any or the vehicles contents.
Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre takes no responsibility for personal property.
Eaton Vale will charge for any damage made to our property and/or equipment during your visit. An appropriate fee to cover parts and labour will be added to your booking fee.

Self-Led Sessions

You will be asked to sign a copy of the self-led disclaimer and asked to produce your certificates (if applicable); these will be kept electronically on file as part of your booking record.

Special requests

All special requests should be made at the earliest opportunity in writing. Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre will endeavour to meet all reasonable requirements and notify the appropriate persons accordingly. We cannot guarantee that special requests will be fulfilled and therefore failure to do so does not constitute a breach of contract unless they have been specifically guaranteed by the company in writing.

Complaints Procedure

If there are any problems with your visit at any stage, we would like to be the first to hear about it. Please contact a member of our staff as soon as possible so that we can try to put things right for you straight away. In the unlikely event that your concern is not resolved, please write to us immediately on your return. Complaints must be received by us within 28 days from the last day of your visit.


Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre has measures in place to protect the personal data held by us. Personal data collected from you including personal data relating to party members will only be used by Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre in order to fulfil our obligations, including the administration of your booking, in the arrangement and provision of your activity/event and in complying with our obligations in relation to health and safety and other regulatory requirements.

Force Majeure

Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre shall not be held liable for an event which they could not reasonably foresee or prevent. Such events may include without limitation, war or threat of war, riot, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, epidemics and pandemics and all similar events outside their or any of their suppliers control.


Last updated March 2023

Eaton Vale

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Company No. 03659373

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